Above 100 Ark server hosting servers are available globally. In this article, we will see the top 10 best ark serving hosting providers which are selected based on their features and services. This information is presented to you to select the best suitable and ideal for you and your requirements.

How do you select the best ark server, providers?

The best ark services providers are selected based on the following aspects:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy set-up
  • Lag-free gaming
  • Control panel use
  • 1-day refund policies
  • Affordable/reasonable cost
  • Good overall performance
  • Customer support
  • Appropriate speed
  • Mods
  • Performance with load
  • Instant set up

Best Ark Server Hosting- Top 10

Let’s dive into the top 10 compiled providers:

  1. GameServers.com
  2. Survival Servers
  3. Host Havoc
  4. ROX Servers
  5. Ping perfect
  6. GTX gaming
  7. Nitrous Networks
  8. Scala cube
  9. Server blend
  10. Apex hosting

Let’s take a look at each one of them:

1. GameServers.com

This is the number 1 ranked ark server provider. GameServers.com are backed up by a massive web hosting company which has their own data centres globally and in plenty. They are well known for new games running quickly. They are known to be offering a solid service with lower issues. The support is quick as less than 21 minutes. It is however a little on the expensive side.

Key features:

  • It offers quick support time as compared and tested.
  • It comes with a huge games catalogue.
  • There are plenty of servers for the test game to ping.
  • You can select global server locations.
  • The providers are professional and skilled.
  • The control panel is custom built to handle game servers.


It is high in price, though it’s worth the price.

Cost- 29.95 per month for 30 players

2. Survival Servers

Survival Server has perfected its customized control panel. Even though there are not many games offered here unlike other host providers, their end service is high for this smaller range of catalogue. It also offers awesome mods support. The customer support is knowledgeable and knows their work.

Key features

  • It has knowledgeable and skilled professional support
  • It is worth the money.
  • It targets games of a smaller range.
  • It is a well-set gamer host server.
  • It has a custom-built control panel.
  • Modding importance mod developers.


Not so customer-friendly customer support.

Cost– 15 dollars per month for 20 players

3. HostHavoc

Host Havoc is a new company as compared to others but have a good reputation for offering good quality Ark servers. They target the important games in their catalogue such as Ark- Survival evolved. They answer your question very quickly.

Key features

  • It provides a good niche.
  • It has skilled knowledgeable staff.
  • It has its locations US, Au and EU.


Limited games

Cost- 16 dollars per month for 32 slots

4. ROX Servers

ROX Servers is a game server providers based in France. They provide a large range and variety in their games. You will see even the older titles and the niche-based games here, which are generally hard to find.

Key features

  • They are low in price.
  • They have plenty of game covered.


The reviews of this host provider are not so great.

Cost- 2.99 euros per month

5. PingPerfect

PingPerfect is a game host server provider who branched into other areas of hosting. There are a support team of girls and guys who offer help round the clock. The new games are added up when the dedicated game software is available. They offer a huge catalogue of games. The guys are close to affordable or cheaper ones.

Key features

  • There are plenty of loads of hosting server locations.
  • It is worth the money or investment.
  • It is a well-set game server host.
  • It offers a 48-hour trial free of charge.
  • The control admin panel TC is simple to use.


The reviews on dedicated and VPS server are not that great.

Cost-0.99 dollars per slot

6. GTX Gaming

GTXGaming is another UK based game hosting server provider that is fast to adapt to new games which come into the market. The technical staff is very quick to adapt to the adjustments in the games. However, their support system hasn’t been reviewed to be good enough. They also update each year their hardware and games along with new ones as they come to offer the best quality provider service.

Key features

  • There are plenty of server locations to select from.
  • There are loads of games included.
  • It has a large operation with plenty of staff.


Their support has fewer positive reviews.

Cost- 25 dollars per month.

7. Nitrous Networks

NitrousNetworks.com is a gamer server hosting provider which focuses on Ark: survival evolved and Minecraft servers. They have been in operation since 2010. Their support times are high in quality and impressive. Their downside is the price which is expensive as compared to other server hosts for Ark.

Key features

  • They are backed by a brand that is very large in gaming.
  • They have a high-end control panel and website.
  • Their support times are fast.
  • The staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable to handle the queries fast and offer the much-needed support timely.


  • The server is available only in US and EU locations.
  • The slot price is expensive.

Cost-3.28 dollars per month.

8. ScalaCube.com

This is the best host that gives you the best features and quick support. The Control panel is simple to use and there is a lot of console access. It easily accesses application files, bans and unban players, IP address and handle the overall server settings conveniently. It secures and mitigates any kind of DDoS attack.

Key features:

  • It includes a free domain.
  • It comes with SSD storage
  • It comes with an automated server set up.
  • There are launch parameters available with the provider.
  • It provides great customer assistance.


This is more of a good beginner host rather than advanced users.

Cost- 15 dollars per month

9. ServerBlend

ServerBlend has game support such as Ark: Survival Evolved, rust and some other games and hosts. They support voice servers and above 5,400 game servers.

Key features

  • The price offered is low.
  • The host provides high overall performance.
  • It offers customer control configuration.


False claims on KSP transfers.

10. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is a great server hosting provider. It is a good ark hosting server provider but specializes in Minecraft hosting. It’s a great host when it comes to overall performance and customer service.

Key features

  • It provides a very good overall performance.
  • It offers great game support.


  • Lack of games

Some other features that you can look in a host server provider for a better experience are:

  • DDoS protection- It is essential to prevent malicious attempts on traffic interference.
  • Steam Workshop- This is great for community members and fans to create your game.
  • Cross Travel integration- This is a cloud system that permits customers to connect to over a server that is advantageous to you.
  • FTP access– You should be having total FTP access to your server files of the game for easy restoration and back up. One has to select a provider that offers automatic updates and mod installation to save effort and time later.

Other hosts

There were some other hosts tested for Ark servers.

The aspects that fall short in other host server providers are:

Support time- It was noticed that most of them are left out due to a lack of good support time. This implies that if there is any issue then either it took days to respond or not able to answer the query to the customer’s satisfaction. They fell on 24-hour support time. Though they were on the cheaper priced side the servers were at time inoperable.

Lack of support for mod- When you install the server host provider, it was hard to add mods in the control panel. This was usually because of no custom mod support by the host company. To add features, either the hosting company has no features or asks for additional money for mod addition.

What is the price of Ark survival evolved hosting on an average?

The server holds the slots and players at a given time depending on the hosting provider company capacities. A larger server holds more slots and you might end up paying less money for each slot. If you consider the cheaper servers for Ark hosting, it is on average prices at 0.50 dollars each slot while the higher priced ones cost you over a dollar per slot, on average. By paying for the longer terms, you can save about 20 per cent with the company service.

Does Ark server hosting provider host even the console Ark version?

No, it doesn’t. Not all the hosting companies offer you the console version of Ark. It needs a complex establishment to host the console server version. A few hosting companies do take up console version such as Survival servers. They charge lesser for the PS4 Ark hosting version.


You have got the top 10 best ark server hosting providers listed above, after careful analysis of their features, support times, ease of access, set up, cost and other factors. There are many server hosting providers available but selecting the best suitable for your needs and best gaming experience is the target to be reached. Happy hosting!